Bringing the real-world experience of parents

to shape the programs and policies that matter to families

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We are a mighty mix of parents

UPLAN is our national network. A lot of us are parents of color; many of us are immigrants; a lot of us are grandparents, raising another generation. Some of us live in big cities, and some in small towns.

We are UPLAN, parents coming together from across the country to inform policies and programs that matter to families and children, especially families with young children.

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Our Work

Fighting for Our Children

We are passionate parent leaders in our children’s schools, our communities, our cities, and our states who are leading change to make life better for all children and families.

UPLAN members offer a founding Vision and Policy Platform for Families and Children, the mainstay of the principles that guide us, and the issues and public policies that matter most to families like ours.


Investing in Parent Leadership

In UPLAN, we build each other up as parent leaders. We learn from each other, and from one another’s organizations. Our aim is to make sure that our hard earned knowledge about what really works is part of decision making at the local, state, and now national level.

UPLAN convenes parent leaders and groups to share the best of leadership development and organizing. We offer training on parent leadership, organizing and policy issues from a parent’s perspective.


Parents Making a Difference

Many of you may have your own story about what happens when parents real-life experience is in the equation as decisions are made. All of us have a story about what could be different, that would make day to day life better for our families. UPLAN helps get our voice into the mix; we hope you will be encouraged to explore your own leadership.

We know that parent leadership has a far-reaching and lasting impact toward achieving equity for children and families.



UPLAN’s blog shares news and opinion about kids and policy, from around our network and beyond.

UPLAN Leaders Share Expertise on Parent Leadership!
UPLAN’s message is getting out there in 2018! Organizations across the country are asking UPLAN parent leaders to their share expertise on parent leadership. In January, UPLAN parent leader and Governing Council member Julia Sosa from the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE), Donna Thompson-Bennett Co-Director of the National Parent Leadership Institute (NPLI), and UPLAN National Organizer Erin Moore shared
U.S. Department of Education’s Sensitive Locations Fact Sheet Now Available in Spanish!
The U.S. Departments of Education and Homeland Security have a joint policy to not conduct  immigration enforcement activities at “sensitive locations” including schools, school bus stops, health care facilities, places of worship, religious or civil ceremonies, and public demonstrations. UPLAN parent leaders, in several meetings with US Department of Education top officials, shared parents’ fears and the barriers to engaging

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