Central Valley Children’s Services Network of Fresno County, California sponsors the local Fresno Chapter of Parent Voices California. Parent Voices Fresno is a parent advocacy organization with a membership of 70 parents. Parent Voices Fresno combines leadership development, advocacy, and community organizing to increase funding, improve quality and provide better access to child care. They focus on engaging parents in leadership development by providing them with resources and coaching in advocacy. This development includes coaching for writing to legislators, speaking to the media, and ways to access policy makers and to educate them about the growing number of parents who need subsidized child care in order to achieve economic stability.

Parent Voices Fresno is working to make sure that all parents have access to affordable quality child care.  They also focus on the immediate needs of parents and families by collaboratively selecting key issues such as immigration, education, and health care that impact their children, families, and communities.


Parent Voices California