Choice for All – Family Leadership Network was the parent leadership initiative created over twenty years ago in partnership with the Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI). Choice for All is dedicated to enhancing family life, youth development, and healthy living in partnership with communities they serve. Based in Long Island, New York, Choice for All currently partners with 100 youth and families in Roosevelt through direct services, community organizing, leadership development and advocacy.

They are working to address problems of inequity on Long Island by building strong leaders in parents.  They build strong leaders in parents by preparing parents from different ethnic and economic backgrounds to assume leadership roles in their community. They explore interests, strengths, and ideas, and work together to develop interpersonal and public communication skills. They also gain an understanding of how to work with government, media, and civic groups, to become strong, effective advocates for social change. The program is guided by the parents, who decide which issues will be focus of their work.

Choice for All – Family Leadership Network believes parents are the best advocates for their children and are motivated to take action within their communities in order to support their children. When parents are supported and included in a coalition of similarly empowered parents, they can create strong, caring communities for all children.


Choice for All – Family Leadership Network