The Ohio Head Start Association Parent Ambassador Program is going on its 5th year in June! They have graduated over 40 parents through the program which consists of trainings throughout the year on the following topics: advocacy, leadership, brain dominance, professional development, and numerous other management areas.

The role of an Ohio Head Start Parent Ambassador is to be an advocate for Head Start at the local level and where possible the state and national level as well, and to focus that advocacy through participation in events, social media and training at a local, state and when possible a national level. The result is for each parent to leave the program as a lifelong supporter for Head Start, Parent Engagement, and be the voice of their children and others who need help.

The work of individual parents will include:

  • Encourage advocacy in each individual Head Start program and among the parents of that program
  • Collaborate with other Parent Ambassadors and parent leaders in the Head Start and Early Head Start community
  • Participate in training at a state level
  • Ultimately lead training at a local level
  • Participate in advocacy events when and where possible
  • Serve as a resource to the local program if appropriate

    Ohio Head Start Association – Parent Ambassadors