One Pennsylvania unites low income and working class activists with the support of a broad coalition of community, labor, faith, and students’ organizations. Our members are workers, students, parents, seniors, people with disabilities, and retirees who are excited to learn, collaborate, and build power. Together, we tackle the fundamental economic justice and political participation problems of our community. Our motto: follow the money, confront the power, make the change.

At One Pennsylvania, we shift the balance of power into the hands of the People. We amplify community voices, offering leadership development and political education. We collaborate with partner organizations, share campaign expertise, and build a more strategic, unified, and intersectional justice movement.

Every week, we take creative action to earn media coverage and influence the public discourse of opinion makers, thought leaders, and our elected representatives. We hit the streets and the halls of power to make the case for justice. We educate and mobilize our neighbors and into informed and active voters. We hold politicians accountable relentlessly. We campaign for good, family-sustaining jobs, strong and healthy communities, and corporate accountability.

One Pennsylvania