Parent Voices CocoKids (Contra Costa Chapter) is part of Parent Voices California. Our membership includes parents but also includes child care providers and community leaders. Parent Voices CocoKids works with diversified low-income parents, most of which are currently working on getting assistance for subsidized child care. Parent Voices CocoKids is one of the 15 chapters of Parent Voices helping to build momentum with the belief that parents must be the ones to ignite and fuel the process of change in the world. Parent leaders are active! Parents attend Parent Voices’ six-week Parent Leadership Model training, and impact their communities through advocating for the advancement of more quality, affordable, and accessible child care. For example, parents attend budget hearings, meetings with other state service agencies, rallies, and events. Parent Voices has had many victories with the most recent being the changing of the “Child Care System” in California that meets the child’s continuity of care!


Parent Voices California