Parent Voices, a parent-led, parent-run grassroots organization fighting to make quality child care accessible and affordable for all families. We have chapters in seventeen counties, all building momentum with the belief that it is the parents who must ignite and fuel the process of change. To strengthen our advocacy, we, as parents, conduct trainings on strategic organizing, leadership development, advocacy skills, and relevant issues; send out policy updates and calls to action; build relationships with local, state, and federal elected officials as well as coalition partners; convene local parents to build a support network as well as to take collective action; and finally, we constantly share resources, ideas and challenges to weave together strong voices both locally as well as statewide to advance towards a more quality, affordable and accessible child care system.

Since 1996 as a result of our leadership development model, parents have preserved over $1 billion in child care funds for low-income families; led meetings with the Governor’s office, Department of Education and Department of Finance; pursued degrees in Public Policy and other related fields; been nominated and hold appointments to Local Child Care Planning Councils and other city and county governing bodies; become members of Parent Advisory Councils as their children enter school; and adapted the skills they have acquired during their children’s youngest years to become lifelong advocates for their children and families.

We have a membership of over 2,500 parents, majority women of color, from low-income communities across California. Because we are housed in local child care resource and referral agencies, we are able to reach 30,000 households with information about upcoming events, actions, trainings, and other opportunities to be actively engaged in our campaigns.

Parent Voices